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Doctor Stories

Working in Africa rewarding and stimulating
30 May 2014

Three times a year Dr Robert Ferns packs his bags in the UK and travels to South Africa, something he has been doing for the last four years. The trips he takes to and from South Africa each year are to supplement health services for those in need. Read full story

Making a difference, one patient at a time
30 April 2014

Christmas Day in 2013 will always stand out for Dr Elaine Yip. In the midst of festivities she was hard at work with colleagues to save the life of a pregnant woman whose baby died in her uterus. Read full story

Nursing Africa
25 April 2014

In his first year studying as a nurse one of Danny Nkongolo’s professors told him he made the right decision choosing such a “noble profession”. Read full story

Two years in a rural hospital
8 January 2014

Dr Helen Cranage spent two years in South Africa. Here’s a personal account of her time at Mosvold Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal. Read full story