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Doctor Stories

Two years in a rural hospital
8 January 2014

Dr Helen Cranage spent two years in South Africa. Here’s a personal account of her time at Mosvold Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal. Read full story

“I wanted to give something back”
11 October 2013

Dr Melissa Wyn Everett grew up in a small village in Wales and knows how lucky she is to have had the chances and opportunities she's had. As a UK born doctor, she decided that she would like to work with people who weren't so lucky. Read full story

"I'm here to stay"
20 August 2013

Dr Stephen Manyeruke, a Zimbabwean-born doctor based at the Port Shepstone Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, says he has no intention of leaving South Africa anytime soon. Read full story

South Africa: The best of both worlds
10 June 2013

South Africa offers doctors the best of both worlds. That’s why Dr Femke Boot came to work here. Read full story