About AHP

Who we are

Health for Africa, powered by people

Africa Health Placements (AHP) is a Human Resources for Health solutions and services organisation that has been changing the face of public health in South Africa since 2005. We define ourselves as social profit because our work, while mostly donor-funded, delivers profit in terms of improved healthcare and social indicators.

The vision which underpins all of AHP’s work is “Health for Africa, powered by people”. Recognising the value of relationships, AHP conducts its work through people networks that allows it to mobilise resources within Africa and across the world.

Our mission is to help plan for, find and keep the workforce needed to deliver health for all. We work closely with the Department of Health, the Health Professions Council of South Africa, and other partners to deliver pragmatic solutions to address the Human Resources for Health challenges facing South Africa.

Our services include workforce planning to ensure healthcare professionals are placed where they are needed the most, sourcing and placing both local and foreign-qualified healthcare workers, and offering orientation to healthcare workers.

AHP also runs a Retention Programme, which is aligned with the Department of Health’s policies, to address some of the underlying causes of the high attrition rates in rural hospitals and ultimately create a more sustainable workforce in rural South Africa.

Our Human Resources for Health consulting services include conducting an annual survey of Community Service Officers to assess the primary goals of the programme relating to geographic distribution, professional development and retention.

AHP operates across South Africa, with a focus on rural and underserved areas. We only serve the public health sector.

In 2013 AHP codified its culture because it wanted to be deliberate in creating a positive experience for the people of AHP and build, deliver and sustain one consistent AHP experience in every interaction internally and externally. AHP codified how it will serve its customers in a culture framework which comprises its purpose, values, mindset and behaviors. Articulating AHP’s culture enables the organisation to fulfill its mission of helping to plan for, find and keep the workforce needed to deliver health for all.

AHP behaves in a measurable way to deliver a consistent customer experience that can be defined as:

“AHP ensures they understand the specific context and come up with practical solutions. I feel secure in their abilities and I know exactly what’s going on every step of the way. I can trust them to follow through on what they say.”