The Need


Under the knife in 3D
23 July 2014

Wearing darkened glasses to help him see three-dimensional images, specialist surgeon Dr Francois Schutte could be mistaken for a movie watcher - but he is performing surgery. Schutte is the first South African doctor to use a 3D high-definition camera in keyhole surgery. Read full story

Quicker cure for TB soon
22 July 2014

South African researchers have brought the world a step closer to using a new drug combination that could shorten the time it takes to treat tuberculosis. Read full story

Heart disease, cancer and diabetes are rising killers
14 July 2014

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases NCDs) are steadily killing more and more South Africans, says a new report released this month. Read full story

Jumpstart your career in public health
9 July 2014

“You get great all-round experiences managing absolutely everything and anything and I really mean everything! After working in South Africa, you know you will have a plan for managing pretty much anything that comes your way.” This how UK doctor Helen Cranage describes her time working at Mosvold Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal. She spent two years in South Africa. Read full story