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WHO calls for stronger action on climate-related health risks
28 August 2014

Measures to adapt to climate change could save lives around the world by ensuring that communities are better prepared to deal with the impact of heat, extreme weather, infectious disease and food insecurity. Read full story

AHP on Kaelo Stories of Hope
26 August 2014

AHP was featured on Kaelo Stories of Hope - A South African television programme that highlights inspirational stories about South African communities. Read full story

Southern African HIV Clinicians Society hosts second annual conference
18 August 2014

There is still time to register for the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society 2nd Biennial Conference taking place from 24-27 September in Cape Town. Read full story

Emergency Medicine in the heart of Zululand
11 August 2014

After completing his FY2 in London, John Hickman travelled to the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa and found himself in at the deep end as a medical officer in a busy Emergency Department. Gunshot wounds, snake bites, stabbings and road traffic accident trauma became part of his daily routine. He recounts his incredible experiences for Adventure Medic. Read full story