Health Professionals

Lifestyle and logistics

“My quality of life is very, very good. I’m living in a beautiful place about half an hour from the hospital, life is much cheaper here with a fairly good pay and I can afford a very comfortable place by the sea. I’m not missing anything. I managed to buy a car very easily so I’m very independent and I can do as much as I want during time off. I chose a hospital in this particular province of South Africa because it has access to the ocean, the game-reserves and the mountains, and I’ve seen a lot of KwaZulu-Natal in seven months. There is a lot to do.” (Dr Sylvia Leonardi, UK)

We can’t really wrap up the lifestyle in a “one-paragraph-fits-all-scenarios” promise, because it all depends on where you are going, really – from an HIV/Aids clinic in downtown Johannesburg to a district hospital in deep rural KwaZulu-Natal. There are facilities where you will have access to beautiful, contemporary housing, free of charge, and others where you will simply be expected to make your own way. However, we can assure you that we will help get you adequately prepared for where you will be going.

As a point of departure, you might find it useful to take a look at our orientation guide. You may also find it quite reassuring to know that many of the people we have placed, in the remotest of settings, report that they are enjoying a very active social life, and that communities form around the hospital life. There are also ample opportunities to enjoy sport, outdoor living, and game viewing – not to mention touring the beautiful sites of southern Africa.

Keep an eye out for our new orientation manual...