St Lucy's Hospital in rural Eastern Cape

A rural hospital in the public healthcare sector

Until now, AHP, like many other non-governmental organisations working in the healthcare sector, has sustained itself through a largely donor-based model, relying on some corporate but largely institutional donors. We also self-fund our operations to some degree by charging for our services when working with organisations that have the means to pay. 

In order to scale up our services to reach more African governments while making a deeper impact in the countries we serve, we need to look at more long-term models of funding. One of the most important of these is government itself. Historically, we have functioned as a complementary service, working in partnership with government but not serving as a key strategic supplier. However, in South Africa in particular, where the impending National Health Insurance Plan is about to impose massive service delivery requirements upon the public healthcare sector. AHP are well poised to simply increase what we are already doing – and bring in the full foreign injection that government is seeking to employ. To do this, however, we would need increased funding – or better, a strategic supply partnership with government. 

These are conversations that are presently being held at a national level – for more information, please contact AHP: